Monday, November 28, 2011

Merge the portray of struggling women in a painting- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Faiza Khan is a distinguished visual artist and innovative, born in Abbottabad, Pakistan in August 1975. Her work has been renowned in Pakistan and United States of America emphasis a portraying on female subjects like feminism, empowerment and eradicating female harassment in cultures.

Faiza Khan completed her studies at Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad from class prep (1980) up to higher secondary level (1993). Then she did BA from University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan. Afterwards she has been trained in studio painting and post graduated from Oklahoma University, United States of America. Faiza Khan is perfect artist works with oil, canvas and her subjects are mostly based on women and children. She has also been done certificate courses in Web Development, Java and C++.

Faiza Khan married to Dr. Malik Imad Khan and has two daughters, Aleeza and Reem Khan.

Recently, Faiza Khans solo show, Imperceptible Ballads opened at the Collector Gallery in Gadafi Stadium.
Faiza Khan said, “I strive to highlight an eclipsed journey of emotions which often depicts the oscillating conditions of women between integrity, grace, and benediction, isolation, oppression and a struggle for a life liberated from fear.” 

Khan represents her work with the blend of voodoo dolls that portray the feebleness of women.
Faiza Khan said, “I focus particularly on the weak in any society, especially women and children.”

She has exhibited in Lahore, Karachi, Philadelphia, Abbottabad, Atlanta, and Alabama.

Faiza Khan said, “I love oil as my medium, I experiment with other media but the completed piece is always in oils. I feel more in control with this medium; it satisfies my hunger for the image to be exactly the way. I would want it be born with each birth, I relaise that I would cease to be if I don’t paint.”


Exhibit "In the Name of Honour", conceived and curated by Faiza Khan in collaboration with Jharoka Gallery on 14th July 2011.
Group Show Unicorn Art Gallery, Karachi, 15 April 2011
National Exhibition by RASTAY, “United – in the Age of Dialogue” at PNCA, National Art Gallery Islamabad, April 5, 2011.
Group Show "Eros, The Eternal Muse" USA Three Ravens Art Gallery, PA, USA Feb 11th, 2011
Group Show Three Ravens Art Gallery Philadelphia, USA June 4, 2010
Solo Exhibit of Figurative Oil Paintings, titled as "Constant Love in a Capricious World" at Jharoka Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan 29 January 2010
Group Show Three Ravens Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Nov 2009
Group Exhibition, Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan on the Occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan, May 2009
Solo Exhibition of Figurative Oil Paintings at Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts, Islamabad, Pakistan 29 May 2009
Group Show, Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan. 4 May 2009
Group Show, Fine Art Center, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma, 21st July, 2003
Group Show, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 6th Oct, 2002
Group Show, Malone Gallery, Troy State University, Alabama, 19th Nov, 2001
Solo Exhibition, Al Mussawir School of Art, Abbottabad,7th May, 2000
Group Show, Abasin Art Council, Peshawar, 10th Oct, 1998


THREE RAVENS ART GALLERY 124 Sibley Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003 United States of America
COLLAGE ART GALLERY 24 Railroad Avenue Warwick NEW YORK United States
THE COLLECTORS GALLERIA Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
HUNERKADA COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS 217-B Margalla Road North F-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.
UNICORN GALLERY D-116/1-A, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
JHAROKA ART GALLERY H/NO 8,Street# 28, F8/1 Islamabad Pakistan

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