Friday, November 25, 2011

Red Carpet Japan Film & Cultural Festival 2011 - By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Our film industry is well known all over the world with prodigious echoes. In past it has been demonstrates the land mark of their paramount work. But know there is need to be renovating again with new strategies for flourishing it. For this purpose we have to introduce new trends in this modern era.

Focus Media Vision will be going to organize the most innovative programs in Pakistan. In the city of hearts Lahore, it offers the quality offered by this production house is remarkable. It had been started from organized events at national and international level and they have fruitful experience in event management since 2005. The Focus Media Vision becomes one of the top destinations for new talent around the world.

This has been materializes first time in Pakistan to launch the cultural film festival according to the traditional values and social norms. Focus Media Vision has been decides to do this cultural film festival with the collaboration of Japan known as a Japan Film Festival.

On this sensation of deep occasion Japan has been released three films in Pakistan. Indeed they want to indorse the social norms and values of Pakistan. It’s the foremost step to highlight the Japan and Pakistan spice of film festival together.
It is really an excessive and honor for us to share with a very unique of joint culture. It has always been forerunner to come up with inordinate and unique ideas for the battement of Pakistan’s and Japan’s. JAPAANEES actor comes to Pakistan to celebrate the culture for the month of November. Both countries are helpful to develop a strong relationship and assistance for new generation.

The three mega films were released in November with the collaboration of Japan. The inauguration of such films had been organized on 21, 21 and 23 November. Blue Valentine 1, Blue Valentine 2 and Shamenbana. On 23 November,  organized grand musical show in which various singers participated from both countries. The main delegations of music and cultural film festival are considering for attending the cultural film festival 2011.

Yoshimura Jun- Head of Delegation, Konishi  Makiko- Assistant, Kawamura Ryuich - Musician, Tanaka Masayoshi- Assistant ,Yasuzato Kimio, Film producer, Tsuji Yasuko- Film star, Tabayashi Kenji- Film producer, YokariYokoshi- Film star, Karubecinichi- Film producer, Cin Calve- Film producer, Director of SHAMENBANA, Sohail Khan, Ghoass Quadari, Zahida Karamat, Sajjad, JavedYousaf, Mahreen Butt, Jawad Afzaal and Abdullah GD

Moreover Focus Media Vision has been previously established a level of experience at national and international level. They organized 25 events in Pakistan and 2 events had been organized in Dubai with all top male and female singers. The lead singers are Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar, Hadiqa Kiyani, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghosal, Lucky Ali, Alka etc.

The C.E.O of Focus Media Vision, Jawad Afzaal said, “Our vision is to promote Pakistani culture at national and international level. It’s helpful to make the strong bond of relationship among the countries. Our main aim is the total satisfaction and the continuous cooperation with our precious clients.”

According to Executive Director of Focus Media Vision, Abdullah GD said, “Now this is the right time for introducing & promotes our Pakistani culture & traditional norms. In this regard we are going to organize Film Cultural Festival to elaborate our tradition values all over the world. So Focus Media Vision has been decides to do this festival with the collaboration of Japan known as a Japan Films and Music Cultural Festival.”

He added for new talents, “Every person has some qualities. If he use these qualities, I can say, he can becomes a great person in his life. So, let’s start a journey with us and prove you on a big screen.

On this mega event here was also organise a musical evening on 23rd November in which various singers perform from both countries. Sageel Christopher (V Band) & Rizwan Samar (Guitarist/ Singer) Has been perform in this event. Rizwan Samar had also been perform with Roxen Band & Jal Band.

Hopefully this year there is going to enhance the beauty of traditions, culture and style at one spot. This mega event is much helpful to make a remarkable effect on our film industry and will be cover at large scale. In coming years we can assume more from our film industry by organising such mega events.

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