Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life is a kind of gambling- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Life is a kind of gambling. You just choosy about your tasks, your vision or your perception then everything is under your own control. Life is a experience of your time that you passed for yourself or others. If you mold someone in your own way then it's a blond of new true colors of relationship but if nothing change there would be no butterfly.

Life is like a chess, always seeking for a queen or king.

Life is like a blessing if you achieve your all goals after passing so many storms.

Life is like a kite somebody ever try to cut your living standards. But you will survive with it.

Life is a bunch of roses when you love someone from the depth of your heart.
Life is a spirit to fight with your sorrows, hurdles & tears.

Life is sensation of relationship when you become mom & dad.

Life is a magic if you have all sizzling touch of good memories that you spent with your love ones.

The most amazing fact about life is that you opt for what you want to stay in life. You opt for how things affect you when it's going good or bad. You opt for how you react when changes going on in your life. Happiness is a big source to motivate yourself. Cheers!
Enjoy every bit of sec, min, hour of your life. Catch your dreams at first glance. No regrets- hope for the best.

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