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The News Tribe » Exclusive chat with Abdul Mannan: the Hero Of “Kaptaan”- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Abdul Mannan is an emerging star in the world of acting. This young man from Lahore is doing a lot of projects at the same time. His movie “Kaptaan” is going to be released soon which is based on legendary cricketer and political leader Imran Khan’s life.

The News Tribe’s Sanna Nasser Sheikh recently talked to him about his work and interests and future projects. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

The News Tribe:  How and when did you start your career as a model?
Abdul Mannan: I was hunted by a photographer “Khawar Riaz” in a famous bazaar (Anar Kali) as I was going to attend my computer classes. I was too young at that time. He offered me to become a model and showed his work. As I told you I was curious since my teenage. So I went for it just to experience it. And I found it interesting. I did Don-Carlos first commercial, which motivated me to work more in this field. I didn’t give up my study, though. My father was too much against this modeling field. But I insisted on it. It was a great happiness when I found my first shoot was published in a well known international magazine LIBAS international in 1998.

The News Tribe:How did you come in photography?
Abdul Mannan: During photo shoots, I used to look keenly at the way photography was done. I resolved to become a photographer myself. So I started photography in 2009 when I bought a high-tech camera.

The News Tribe: Tell me something about your movie “Kaaptan”. What is the theme and what is your role?
Abdul Mannan: The movie Kaptaan is about the living legend, " Imran Khan". It's on his life, his achievements, winning the world cup ‘92. Building cancer hospital after his mother died because of cancer. My father also died because of blood cancer. So it’s not a movie for me. I wanted to do something as Imran khan did after his mother died. It’s all about his life and also his political career. I can’t tell you more than this about the film.

The News Tribe: Are you fond of online social networking?
Abdul Mannan: I found Facebook one of the most helpful things for me. The man who created this thing has done a service to us all. I explore many things through this social network.

The News Tribe: Tell us something about you fan page on Facebook?
Abdul Mannan: On Facebook, there is my fan page with the name Abdul Mannan. I deal with my fans in a friendly manner and respect them all. I receive the same respect from them. Nowadays I am working on my page and spreading my network.

The News Tribe: How much time do you spend on Facebook?
Abdul Mannan: I spend time on Facebook when I have time to say hi to people. I also use twitter.

The News Tribe: What are your activities on social networks?
Abdul Mannan: I post my work on my Facebook wall. So through this all people get to know my most recent shoots. Through twitter and Facebook I always advertise my work (chuckling). I receive feedback on it. Through this I enhance my work in every new shoot.

The News Tribe: Do you face any negative views or opinion?
Abdul Mannan: I didn’t face any negative thing. I find generous people on social networks. Everybody has their own opinion. A few people try to disturb me, but I don’t give them much attention.

The News Tribe: How many fans do you have on Facebook?
Abdul Mannan: I have thousands of fans. I find them very supportive. They always appreciate my work.

The News Tribe: Which words or phrases do you most over use?
Abdul Mannan: Stay blessed. Be blessed.

The News Tribe: Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
Abdul Mannan: In the next five years, I want to be a director. We need good directors, writers, film makers. You know our film industry has been in a bad condition for many years. It’s all because we lack good directors and writers.

The News Tribe: Any words of wisdom for new comers in the field?
Abdul Mannan: My suggestion for the newcomers is: try to explore yourself first. Don’t become followers; try to become example for everyone. Believe in yourself. That we are born to be successful. Do praise yourself with words “Well done: you can do it”. Learn the tactics to cope with any problem. Correct your mistakes. Take immediate step to correct it. Don’t blame yourself. You are successful; you are the best of the best. You are the asset of our country.

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