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The News Tribe » Chitchat with Shazeem Ahmed- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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SHAZEEM AHMAD is a rising star in singing. He runs a production house named “X-Size Production House”. Photography and broadcasting are his other interests. The News Tribe’s Sanna Nasser Sheikh talked to him recently about his work and interests and his social networking. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

The News Tribe: Childhood is very important in one’s life. Tell us something about your childhood?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: When I was a child, I was deeply interested in music and I planned at a very early age to make a career in music.

The News Tribe: Tell us how and when did you start your career as a Singer?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: When I was in the ninth grade, I became addicted to music and I started singing professionally.

The News Tribe: Tell me something about your Facebook page. In which perspective do you take it?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: My fans and friends are really co-operative. They follow me enthusiastically whether it is uploading of songs or any other update. And I deal with them very kindly and appreciatively.

The News Tribe: How much time do you spend on Facebook or other social networks?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: It depends upon activities I have. It is difficult to spend much time on it when I have outdoor activities.

The News Tribe: What are your activities on social networks?
Nothing as such, but I use them to check comments of fans and take it seriously about my work.

The News Tribe: Do you receive any negative feedback on these social networks?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: By the grace of Allah, I mostly get positive comments, but sometimes I have to face a few negative comments.

The News Tribe: How do you overcome it?
I take opinion of everyone of my fans seriously and try to make corrections in my work. Thus I get to know about my progress and am able to improve.

The News Tribe: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Mostly I use ‘YAAR’.

The News Tribe: You are working in a number of projects at the same time. How do you do it?
I must say my time management is good. I manage everything time-wise so burden of being late is not in my dictionary.

The News Tribe: You are also moving into broadcasting?
Yes I am and you guys will soon see me in it.

The News Tribe: What is the scope of your field in the next five years?
This field isn’t made to stop.

The News Tribe: Any words of wisdom for newcomers in the field?
SHAZEEM AHMAD: I wish all new comers the best of luck. And will suggest them to do everything with concentration.

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