Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Is A gift of God - By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Life is a precious gift of God! It’s a battle of love & hate. It’s up to you what you really want. Forget about the worries just remember about happiness not only yours also others. You feel better for you self if you care about others. Respect the feelings of others. There is no ego exists, it’s just the logic that you have to understand. I already said this in various sayings, this is your world, live it with true spirit, true joy & full of pure love.

In our daily routine life we face so many clashes, so many hindrances in our responsibility of work. The enthusiasm and creativity spoils all the discouragement and shows the new paths to move. From where we can starts our lives normally. No regrets, No fears is a key of success. If you fear about your tasks then you can’t your job with real efforts. Just think you made for it and you have to do it.

The singer Gordon Bahary is represents a message in his A Prayer  in his new album "Unbreakable".

“Dear God, I cannot even begin to make out how You created everything, from nothing, except that Your love was always here. It will be the only thing that lasts forever. Thank You for life!”

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