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The News Tribe » Music is my passion: Junaid Younus- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Junaid Younus is a Lead Vocalist of The Siege Band. By his incredible melodies he touches the heart of people. His significant song, “Police” broke records considered to be best song of the era. In this season 2011, he introduces the new flanged song ,”Aesi ki tesi”, specifically for cricket adoring.
This scorching song is represented in more cultural and traditional way, which really appeals at first glimpse. The News Tribe’s Sana Naseer Sheikh caught him up for a chat. Here are excerpts of the interview:
The News Tribe: Why you choose this name for your band, what it reflect?
Junaid Younas: Initially there was no philosophy or logic behind the name but now we have evolved one which is, to siege the musical senses of our listener through our music’. As we try not to sing same style of melodies we sing pop to folk, then sing rock to eastern classical too so this varying melodies can bitterly justified the name of SIEGE for the band.
“The name ‘SIEGE’ exactly portrays our vision which is to capture the music world with the help of the impeccable music sense we have.”
The News Tribe: How you ventured into the profession?
Junaid Younas: Well, it all started from my childhood. According to my mother, from the very childhood I have a good voice and she started to get me recited Naats and Hamds. She use to listen from me Naat, Hamad and all old M.Rafi and Mukesh’s songs. That is when my mom spotted the talent in me. Then as time passed by I started participating in Parents Day function at my school.
At the very outset of starting singing, we did a lover Pakistan in small gigs, big concerts, film festivals in front of people such as President Musharaf at Kara Film Festival in 2006. Siege’s first song was released 2007.
The News Tribe: When you foremed your band?
Junaid Younas: I formed Siege in 2005 with Fahad, Farhan and Simon. Later on Simon left the band so I requested my friend Ahsan to join before Siege made “Armaan”.
The News Tribe:  What do you regard as your utmost achievement?
Junaid Younas: I wanted to utilize all my energy for promotion of good music through National television. So, in 2009  I was successful in getting an opportunity to have my own show called BAND BAJEY GA. I was just not the host of the show but also an Assistant Producer to the Producer Kanwal Masuad. He is the same producer who was discovered ‘Vital Signs’ along with Shoaib Mansoor. In this show bands such as Noori, Lal , Mekal Hasan e.t.c were invited. This is also the first time Pakistani people heard them ‘live’ on Pakistan television (PTV), which never use to promote a band before. Since PTV is still the only source of entertainment for 70 per cent of Pakistanis…This was a big achievement for our Music scene.
The News Tribe:  Why music appeals you so much?
Junaid Younas: It is because of my mom that today I  am in the profession and love music.
The News Tribe: Every person has to face problems when he step in to any profession intially? How did you face  the challenges?
Junaid Younas: Time, just give your passion smidgen of time with hard work and consistency. All would be well. And hard work is key to success in any profession.
The News Tribe: Your Passion?
Junaid Younas: Music
The News Tribe: Do you have any life time achievement award?
Junaid Younas: “Armaan” won the best song of the year in 2008 at THE MUZIK AWARDS (TMA’s). Siege received the triple nomination at MTV PAKISTAN MUSIC AWARDS in 2009.
The News Tribe: What is the characteristic you most condemn in yourself and in others?
Junaid Younas: Well I don’t like dis-honest people and I hate hypocrisy in anyone.
The News Tribe:  Your forthcoming projects?
Junaid Younas: A lot! Three new videos are in pipe line, one from album and two are new songs. My upcoming song is Yaad rakhna which will be launched  on 14 August this year.

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