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The News Tribe » Mothers treated like the queen of the day- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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What do you give your mother on the mother’s day? How much your mother important to you? If yes! Then get ready to celebrate happy mother’s day. The month of May has returned bringing the draw attention to back on mothers to give honors to mothers and motherhood. Eighth May has its own significant importance in the history. This day is celebrated all over the world with highly cherished way. Mother is a name of sacrifice that showers her love without any deep concern. In this world there are thousands of mothers who take care of their family with warm care and love. Some are doing jobs but they never neglect their responsibilities towards their family. Mother’s day is especially dedicated to those mothers who take care of their family throughout the 365 days.

On this special occasion when children give special gifts and cards to their mothers and pay respect to them. As a thanking gift children can give a little bunch of spring flowers to give to their Mothers for all their care and love all over the year. There are various expression mothers in other language such as mummy, mamma, amma, ibu; ma which refers to the special person one has affectionate bonds with. People pragmatic Mother’s Day by writing letters to their mothers and in the long run by sending cards, presents, and some special flowers.

In Islam the prophet had stated that the heaven is on mother’s feet. This represents the significant for the children to take care of their parents and not during a particular day, but all the time. Some children buy gifts and take their mother to those places that will make them happy and shows their love. There are so many ways of celebrating mother’s day. Now a days various mothers day endorsement, jewelry at discounted prices, special dinner plans at hotels & restaurants, making holidays in a special manner etc as can be seen from advertisement  in news, flyers, newspapers and internet.

Mother’s Day started nearly 150 years ago in the United States, when Anna Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker, organized a day to move up knowledge of poor health conditions in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it “Mother’s Work Day.”

Julia Ward Howe, a Boston poet, pacifist, suffragist, and author of the lyrics to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” celebrated this day to encouraging mothers to rally for peace, since she believed they bore the loss of human life more harshly than anyone else.

UK holds the cachet of being the first country in the world to bestow a special day for mothers, as early as 17th century. The feelings associated with the day are much alike those in the rest of the world to express appreciation towards our mother. This is the break for the children to let their mother know that she is special and loved and cared for

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