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The News Tribe » Coffee obsession is destructive in all and sundry- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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I find irresistible coffee the aroma, the flavor, as it boost up me. But, I’ll switch to herbal tea after knowing much about. Caffeine is the contemporary drug which is well-known. It is easy to get, socially satisfactory, willingly affordable, and entirely legal.  In health perspective its effects are both for good and ill. Obviously, caffeine is addictive.
According to new-fanged research, genetic factors shows that why some people devour bulky amount of caffeine. According to US researchers they scanned genetic variations in over 40,000 individuals to search for links with high caffeine intake. They found two stretches of DNA associated with high consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and other sources of caffeine. The study is available in the journal PLoS Genetics.
Author of the study, Dr Neil Caporaso of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, US, said people with the high consumption genetic variation consume more caffeine about 40mg or a third of a cup of coffee or a can of cola  than other individuals. There are hundreds of genes known for specific medical conditions for dietary consumption we know very little. Now, for the first time, we know specific genes that influence the amount of caffeine that individuals consume.”

He said: “The two stretches of DNA linked with high caffeine consumption contain two genes thought highly likely to be involved in the way the body processes caffeine.
One – CYP1A2 – has previously been shown to be involved in the body’s break down of caffeine. The second – AHR – helps regulate the first gene.”

Study author, Dr Marilyn Cornelis of the Harvard School of Public Health, said: “There has always been some anecdotal evidence that everyone responds differently to caffeine, but most research has focused on environmental factors.For caffeine at last we have been able to find some genetic factors.”
Menace of coffee addict

·         Cancer

·         Gastrointestinal problems

·         Anxiety and sleep changes

·         Cosmetic

·         Cholesterol

·         Blood pressure

·         Effects on pregnancy

·         Iron deficiency anemia

·         Coronary artery disease

Negative aspect of coffee

From the latest research its found that hot and cold beverages that contain fewer than 200 calories per 12 fluid ounces  A habitual coffee will set you back 5 calories prior to add cream or sugar in it. Tea is calorie free and you can make use of herbal tea instead of coffee because its sustain you in wonderful manner. The white chocolate contains 410 calories and 12 g of fat or the eggnog latte contains 470 calories and 21 g of fat. On the other hand, If you are pregnant, it suffer from chronic anxiety, or have gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis or an ulcer, you should  chase your health care provider’s advice regarding caffeine use. It have been studied comprehensively, the dealings of caffeine and cardiovascular disease, fibrocystic breast disease, birth defects and reproductive function, but moderate intakes of coffee or caffeine do not emerge to have destructive effects.

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