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Hang about fragrance for a long
If you want fragrance to stay long time with you, then its best way is to apply it on your skin, pulse points and allow it to dry naturally. Keep away from your face and behind your ears and this will only dry your skin. Some scents leave a stains and discoloration on clothes so avoid spraying on the clothes and on jewelry. Before wearing cloths let your fragrance completely dry. If you want to hang about fragrance for a long apply different layers of the same scent or get a body lotion. Perhaps this will last you six to eight hours.

Vaseline supremacy
Vaseline is use for a number of ways; it’s really applicable for dry skin. If you want to let somebody see your lips glossy apply Vaseline on the lipstick. It can also be helpful in soften dry elbows and feet, you can also use it for the removal of darker and sleeker of your elbows. It is also helpful to soften your lips, apply a lot of Vaseline before going to bed.

Buff your nails glistening
Sometimes nails become yellowish after an immense use of nail paint. To get rid of from the yellowishness and stains soak into the lemon juice then apply a nail buffer to make it shiny tips. No polish required.

Home Hair Coloring
There is a new trend in era that everyone wants to dye hair, its looks elegant but it’s pretty luxurious if you are going to any parlor for dying.  So many women color their hair at home. If you are one of them, here are valuable advices how to dye your hair and keeps away from irritation of skin.
  • Always choose a color according to your skin type.
  • The best way to modify your hair only 1-2 shades.
  • Avoid using color chemicals without your doctor permission if you are pregnant.
  • Do not wash your hair before coloring. Natural oils help save from harm you scalp against skin irritation.
  • Te color of your own hairs and eyebrows should be same.
  • Cover the color on your hairs slowly from the roots to end.

Stunning cheer up

Smile makes you perfect and completes your personality appearance. Everyone wants a stunning smile, and enhanced your teeth white. Dentist expenditure is much expensive and we all can not afford it so follow our home remedies for a stunning smile. Cheers! In older time the way is mostly used for tooth whitening is baking soda traditionally and it is also used for many other purposes. Mostly dentist also suggests the use of baking soda it’s helpful in the reduction and works comparatively swiftly. You can use it alone on a soggy toothbrush or mix it with toothpaste to remove its salty taste. Foremost trendy home remedies are peroxide, it’s really low-priced and people have it on hand. It’s helpful in whiter teeth, when you use it feel some burning in your gums, but you will left with fresh. Do not try it to gulp down; it’s safe and sound to gurgle.

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