Sunday, July 7, 2013

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The fitness freak of Bollywood John Abraham always dedicated for something new this time he expresses his desire to make a film based on boxing .

John Abraham would be great as a fitness enthusiast and he deserve to be called fitness freak that he successfully establishing himself as an action hero. Now John plan is to put a glance on his image as a promoter of sports such as boxing by making a movie around it.

Recently, as John collaborated with the celebrated heavyweight boxing champion David Haye and launched their flagship fitness-cum-boxing center. On the launched ceremony he also expressed his wish to make a movie around the sport.

John said, “I grew up on Rocky series and that’s why I went to the gym too. I would like to get a credible film where boxing is taken seriously. I want people to see my film and say that’s a first timer in India.”

For an endeavor sort of different proves John has gathered the wits and the guts to go ahead.

Fitness freak John said, “With the kind of films that are being accepted today, I feel, with the capacity of a producer and an actor, someone like David would be far more accepted when he comes onscreen and shows boxing in a (different) light.”

This is one of the most motivating projects in his career and we wish him good luck.

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