Saturday, July 14, 2012

Google’s New Privacy Policy- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Islamabad: Google’s new move to collect information is not so new in its nature as it has already been gathering all per-existing information.

The policy is based on the simplicity to facilitate Googlers.

According to available data, Google was just a single search engine in 1998 and now it’s an Internet behemoth that has accrued more than “60 product-specific privacy policies.”

Now the users can demand Google to delete their personal information from its records if they want to close their accounts.” Here are five ways to exposure online to minimize it.

1. Disable automatic log-in. Presently user has to sign in to use YouTube, Search and other Google products even if you are not signed into your Google account. On the Accounts Preferences page, you can disable this feature. If you still want to use automatic signing in, you can go into your browser’s privacy settings and clear all cache and cookies.

2.Opt out of ads based on interests and demographics. On Google’s Ad  Preferences page, you can edit or remove the interests Google has determined for you or opt out entirely.

3. Use an anonymizing tool. Anonymizer Company offers a large range of services to keep your personal information safe and secure by overwhelming all your online activity through an translated tunnel.

4. Allow private browsing mode. Most browsers feature a “private” mode, where any online activity won’t be followed. This means the browser will not store search history or cookies, which house data such as sites you visit, preferences and login information.

5. Turn to resources other than Google. There are search engines and other mobile and web services completely unaffiliated with Google. Ixquick, for example, calls itself “the world’s most private search engine. “DuckDuckGo” search engine does not collect or share personal information too.

Google says: “Google just rolled out a streamlined privacy policy that consolidates your personal information for use across various Google-owned services. Despite some criticism and accusations of an Orwellian Big Brother scenario, the updated policy’s goal, is “to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience.”

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