Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pakistani actress Veena Malik bares it all for FHM - By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Pakistani actress Veena Malik was the contestant in Bigg Boss season 4. She has been blast a new bomb to get more fame and exposes it all for December issue of men's magazine FHM by posing with 'ISI' tattoo on left arm!

The hullabaloo girl certainly knows how to become a vulgar new debate and wants to be selling like hot cakes, she has been talked about her work and controversies in Pakistan regarding to her journey about work related visas in India.

 Now she is considereing a popular face in India after her relationship with Indian actor Ashmit Patel. She was already a controversial figure in Pakistan after her link-up with banned Pakistani cricket Mohd. Asif.

Veena’s FHM photo shoot may definitely spark some controversies due to the ISI tattoo on her arm that was shot by photographer Vishal Saxena. The Veena new bold shoot is the main cover page of Magazine FHM, and posted on
FHM India’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

During the photo shoot she assumed: “It’s tough standing on one leg, while trying to cover up with one hand and running the other through my hair – you guys are going to pay for this.”

Veena said, “I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them.”

“The picture has been morphed. It’s not me. Definitely not.”

FHM India Editor Kabeer Sharma rebuffs her claim and says the magazine has proof of the photo shoot.

“The photo shoot was done in Mumbai on November 22. We have a video of the photo shoot.”

“I also have an email from Veena in which she says she has seen the photos and is happy with them, and that she’s looking forward to seeing the cover.”

Speaking to the media in telephonic conversation Veena Malik denied to accepting her nude photo shot. She said, she had shot for FHM magazine, it was with clothes on, and none of the postures appearing on the cover were given by her.

She claimed that the picture on the cover of FHM was ‘morphed’ and that she would be consulting her media adviser and lawyer before taking any action.
“People must know that I am an actress, and any one can take my picture and morph it.”

Subsequent picture of Veena Malik has also been showed in media. She is offensive and bestowing İSİ with Grenade in her hand. Mr Aslam assumed that Pakistan Government  must Ban her daughter because she is crossing all limits for desire of femininity, fame & money.

It’s a big provocative issue now, Veena again knock the doors of media for her cheap publicity. She loves to get indulge in controversies and scandals. But this time she did not accept her bold photo shot for a FHM magazine but in forthcoming days it’s proof that the picture is real or morph.

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