Monday, November 28, 2011

Chit Chat with Ali Kashmiri - By; Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Ali Kashmiri, He is a jack of all trades. He works on many projects at the same time and maintains his enthusiasm on work. He is an artist, anchor and radio presenter. In the art of media he proves himself as a superior entertainer.

I recently talked to him about his work and interests and future projects. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Early days are much important in one’s life tell us something little about yourself?
Ali Kashmiri: Hmm I have a humble background, I’m basically from a village belongs to Rawlakot. My early studies from there and then, me came to Lahore for education. I start a part time job and studies

Tell us how and when you start your career as an anchor?
Ali Kashmiri: Only one year and seven month ago, I face camera first time but I worked on many project before. I started as artist, then anchor, and then radio presenter. Now I’m working in three same fields

What were the circumstances which led you to be anchor ventured in to the television field?
Ali Kashmiri: My passion

To what extent political and current media is playing a credible role to explore social network?
Ali Kashmiri: Yes media is playing a positive role but sometime media become irresponsible in this regard.

Tell me something about you fan page or face book page, in which perspective you work on it?
Ali Kashmiri: Just to connect my friends my fans, and people.

How much time you spent on face book or other social network?
Ali Kashmiri: It is not specified but mostly I spend after 10:00 pm at night for one or two hours, some time daily or after one day break.

What are your activities on social network regarding to face book or twitter? 
Ali Kashmiri: I m not using twitter. I’m using face book and site talk.  I just read messages from my friends and fans try to comment on those or reply and sharing my videos on it

Do you face any negative impact on your views or opinion?
Ali Kashmiri: Yes its natural you can’t satisfied every body from your thoughts or in life.

How many fans you have on face book and what sort of response you receive from them?
Ali Kashmiri: Its more then 2700 on face book account and nine hundred something on page.

Which words or phrases do you most over use?
Ali Kashmiri: I always try to learn some thing from some one even he/she is my fan or friend.

You are working in a number of projects at the same time. How is it possible to maintain same level of enthusiasm every time?
Ali Kashmiri: I always try to do justice with my work. I’m in different fields at same time but , I manage my timings for that , this is the reason I think I’m doing best.

You are also creeping into broadcasting. Tell me something about it?
Ali Kashmiri: Broadcasting is a good experience, I have few months experience but it is very important to groom your self and get height of confidence behind the mike and front camera.

Do you think social network is helpful to bring a revolution in a country?
Ali Kashmiri: Social networking is the business of era; every thing can happen on it, you will see new business ideas in few months on social network. Because it the latest business platform.

What is the scope of your field in next five years?
Ali Kashmiri: Yup your future is bright every field of life if you are sincere with your work.

Any words of wisdom for new comers in the field?
Ali Kashmiri: If you are doing your job honestly and you have a vision and you want to achieve your goal, you need only passion and patience, one day you will achieve your Goal, and try to do something special for society in your life. 

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