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The News Tribe » Spicy Chit Chat with Aqsa Bukhari- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Stunning looks and perfection makes one’s persona. Aqsa Bukhari is one of such talented lady who marks her vision in her own way in modeling industry. She is also performing outstanding in different serials. Her talented personality and quick adaptability to the industry has made her persona more attracting for circles inside and outside the industry. Currently, she is busy in different shoots these days along with special appearance in an advertisement of a leading mobile company. The News Tribe’s Sanna Nasser Sheikh caught him up for a chat. Here are excerpts of the interview:
The News Tribe: How many years is it, since you first set foot in the industry/ or in this profession?
Aqsa Bukhari: It has been a year actually; I started my career with a commercial of a housing scheme.
The News Tribe: How do you come in this field/ profession?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well, it all started from college. I was the president of college’s dramatic society, I wrote so many scripts and worked as directed as well as performer. My very close friends referred my name for a commercial of a housing society and I got a call by ”Mr. JAMSHED FARSHORI’’. I accepted the offer and that’s how it started.
The News Tribe: Can you recall when you first started feeling cut off from normal life? When did the quality of your life commence to change?
Aqsa Bukhari: You know this is not an easy job, some times we have to sacrifice a lot and miss the ceremonies which you never intent to. I feel lots of changes within a year.  Recently I missed a marriage ceremony of my cousin, as I was busy in shooting in Islamabad and that was the time when I really felt cut off from normal life. While quality of life is definitely better, fame is built in  human nature.
The News Tribe: In what mode your life is going on these days?
Aqsa Bukhari: Life becomes very scheduled, we’ve to really stretch the time to fulfill the schedules, and I mean lots of things to do in a short span of time, less time for family members, less time for friends, life really started rolling like a roller coaster.
The News Tribe: What do you consider as your utmost achievement?
Aqsa Bukhari: It’s a long way to go yet, it’s just a start, in such a tuff competition whatsoever I did and doing right is my achievement and I love my work and leave this to my fans to decide.
The News Tribe: Why do you this profession appeals to you so much?
Aqsa Bukhari:  I think it’s my passion that drags me in to it.
The News Tribe:  Every person has to face problems in his/her profession initially? How did you overcome your problems?
Aqsa Bukhari: Yes, you are absolutely right. I think patience, determination and hard work is the only key to open the doors of success and overcome the problems, all would be well when right decisions are taken at the right time.
The News Tribe: How do you face failures in life?
Aqsa Bukhari: Just take them positively.
The News Tribe: Shed some light on your past projects?
Aqsa Bukhari: Teray Pahlu Mein, Zindan, Baat Say Niklay Baat, Youn He Kisi Din, lots of brand shoots and ramps and others
The News Tribe: What is the most glorified gift you got in this industry?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well in a very short span of time I did so many Plays, Brand shootings, ramps etc.  It is not less then glorified gift for me.
The News Tribe: If you could change one thing in yourself what would it be?
Aqsa Bukhari: Very difficult to say specifically while I’m satisfied the way I am…..
The News Tribe: What’s your opinion on need of cohesive fashion council?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well there is always room for improvement, world has squeezed as its age of globalization and especially when we compare with other countries fashion councils, long way to go yet.
The News Tribe: What is the one thing you condemn most in yourself and in others?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well I am not but, Hypocrisy is the only thing which can never be tolerated.
The News Tribe: Which makes your job so much difficult? Does it?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well I don’t blame all but behavior of some guys makes it more irritating and difficult.
The News Tribe: Your forthcoming projects?
Aqsa Bukhari: Well a Tele film “uun he kisi din” will be on-air soon on hum TV, more over an advertisement of one new mobile brand in market, some drama serials are in pipe line.

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