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The News Tribe » Photography is my passion: Mani Wapz- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Abdul Rehman is one of such brilliant man whose inspiration towards photography is highly cherished. Photographers are those who lift the image to the realm of art. His personality and nippy compliance to the industry has made his persona more attracting for circles inside and outside the industry. Throughout the course of our meeting, I find Abdul Rehman to be a flurry of gossip and activity. Wapz is his slogan for shoots. It represents the group name his team.  At present, he is busy in different shoots. The News Tribe’s Sanna Nasser Sheikh caught him up for a chat. Here are excerpts of the interview:
The News Tribe: How many years is it, since you first set foot in this profession?
Abdul Rehman: I started my career as photographer in 2004.

What is the reflection of your name, why you choose this name “Mani Wapz”?
Abdul Rehman: My real name is Abdul Rehman. I started my studio with my friends and partners; “Wapz” is the name of our team.

The News Tribe: From where you get education and how did you enter in photography.
Abdul Rehman: I earned a bachelor degree from M.A.O College and entered into photography. Initially it was my hobby but later I realised that this can be adopted as profession because Pakistan’s fashion industry is a growing market worldwide.
The News Tribe: Can you recall when you first started feeling cut off from normal routine life? When did the quality of your life changing?
Abdul Rehman: Well’ it happened every new day now it’s been almost seven years doing this job. Every day I learn and groom myself.
When I started Wap’z studio it turned into business. 
The News Tribe: How do you see your paramount success?
Abdul Rehman: In an industry like this where every big name is kind of a monopoly in him, I’ve developed myself as freelancer and independent photographer, and it pleased me more than anything else. When I started I didn’t know anyone but now I received appreciation from all those big giants who never believed that I could make it alone.
The News Tribe:  Did you get any formal training of photography?
Abdul Rehman: I did diploma in fashion photography from NCA and Graphics Designing from the same institution in 2008.

The News Tribe:  What should be in a good photography?
Abdul Rehman: I always find best angles of a model, good use of lights and create the story that a client want.
The News Tribe: Why did you choose this profession?
Abdul Rehman: Photography is my passion.

The News Tribe: Every person has to face problems in his profession initially? How did you overcome your problems?
Abdul Rehman: Yes! It’s true but I did not lose my patience and achieve my targets one by one.
The News Tribe: How do you face disappointments in life?
Abdul Rehman: I never lose hope and always trust in God and leave it on Him.
The News Tribe: What do you consider the most over- rated virtue?
Abdul Rehman: In Pakistan we follow Islam so exposing body for woman especially is strictly prohibited. I’m part of fashion fraternity I see liberal women walking in miniskirt on ramp; social stigma was attached to them but they are good mothers and wives. It is the most over-rated virtue that only those women are morally and ethically strong who wear full clothes. I firmly believe that it never helped any one to be a good or bad person in life.

The News Tribe: What is the characteristic you most condemn in yourself and in others?
Abdul Rehman: I’m self-made photographer and a family man. Instead short cuts I follow proper channels and that’s why I’m not making it fast while others create short cuts for every goal/target. People are too obsessed to be at top that they don’t even bother to make it through talent and brilliance; instead they’re taking favors from everywhere.

The News Tribe: What makes your job difficult?
Abdul Rehman: People do not follow any code of conduct, the work of one class or level is for only one or two people, others do not have access to big brands even if they are good. One same brand will go to the same agency/photographer again and again. So industry is not diversified in a way.
The News Tribe: Tell me something about your forthcoming projects?
Abdul Rehman: Fashion shoots for Fashion magazines.
The News Tribe: Have you got any award?
Abdul Rehman: Not yet. There’s only one recognised award ceremony in year which considered elite and top people of industry only. Awarding ceremonies are rare and there’s lack of teams and jury who considered new talent or appreciate them. They all work for already successful names.

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