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The News Tribe » Surplus of salt bad for health- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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“Salt is GOOD for you: eating more could even lower the chances of heart disease.” This is the head line in newspaper, if you sprinkle some salt on fried chips or fish its more crunchy in taste.. This issue is still under the question that how much use of salt is better in your diet. Because food without salt is much bitter and tasteless. The better quantity of the salt in diet is much necessary to control and should be moderate.
According to the researchers, The new study is bring into being in the Journal of the American Medical Association that found people have improved low menace of dying from heart disease who had the lowly concentrations of salt in their urine. Its not possible to measure the quantity of salt that how much you use in your diet. Its all depends on that how much you well hydrated and your kidney’s work with perfection. There is a need to be studied more that how much the salt is necessary in our diet plan and to know low salt intake with heart problems.
From the study its found strongly evidence that excess use of salt is bad for your health. According to the British Medical Journal published the Intersect study shows that more than 10,000 people 15 years ago the amount of salt a person ate and their risk of blood pressure expanding as they got older. Over the forty years research study its published in the BMJ paper in 2009. Its found that intake of large amount of salt increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. It can be cut the risk of stroke by nearly a quarter of a 5g per day cleared from the research.
Life can be much hostile if you lose the amount of salt from your body in form of sweating. We need an amount of salt to maintain the fluidity balance in the body. The intake of salt is nearly about 10 to 12g a day not more than 6g a day. Use for the children less and babies under six months less than 1g a day. About 80% of salt comes from that you eat and in processed foods, bread, biscuits and other unknown sources. Salt is not used for just only making taste but also to preserving food so must check the labels before you buy the food stuff. From this you better know how much quantity is available in the food.
Too much use of salt is dangerous for kidneys it has to retain more water to maintain fluid balance. This superfluous fluid being pushed round the arteries raises blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Excess of salt is linked to cancer of the stomach, kidney disease and chubbiness.
To control the use of salt in your diet you have to much avoid from it do not sprinkle on the dishes that you have to taste like chips, fish, boiled vegetables etc. Must check the amount of salt when you buy food stuff. It has unexpectedly large amount of salt in Breakfast cereals, biscuits, bread and even some salads.

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