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Naturally curly hairs are looking much stunning and charming but sometimes it’s also very irritating. Now a day there is going to be new flanged trend of hair straightening. Everyone wants to get their hair long, shiny and smooth looks.  Some people have a curly hair that looks really small and to make into great lengths to get their hair straightened. Incredibly straight hairs straight hair emerges comatose and a curly hair looks nasty on some faces. Therefore, straightening and endure waving is equally accomplished. The methods which are commonly used are chemical process of hair straightening that can last between 6-9 months. By this method you can maintain your hairs according to your much loved straight mane.

Further equipment that you can use for hair straightening is the use of hair straightening irons or good hair dryer. These equipments are made up of chrome-plated irons and ceramics that are unsurpassed for straightening the hair. Hair dryers are mostly used to eliminate the frizziness of curly hairs which makes smooth and straight. Make use of of Ceramic material is for eliminating frizziness of hair. But before doing any treatment must be consult your beautician that what are suits on your hair according your face. If you are going to get treatment of straightening here, make sure that you select a right salon for your hair treatment. Different types of strengtheners are easily available in the market and the most fascinating news is according to variety of hairs there are strengtheners to vigorous a vast range of tastes, hair styles, etc.

Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration tested 105 samples of various hair-smoothing products and found treacherous amounts of damaging hair. Preceding year, stylists in the US state of Oregon were complained about eye irritation, nosebleeds and breathing issues after repeatedly applying Brazilian Blowout, a liquid keratin straightening treatment.

Arthur Grollman assumed, a science professor at Stony Brook University School of Medicine: “My concern is that formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen that should never touch your skin or anything else.

In 2007, the beauty journal reported on numerous salon solutions called Hair Alert, in which beauty editor Heather Muir declares: “These really scary symptoms re-sparked the issue referring to the Oregon stylists. She says that the assumption of product is “a lot like when women say ‘I feel prettier when I’m tanning’.”Muir also added in her statement, the magazine doesn’t condemn the use of strengtheners, “but it’s pretty clear what we think. There are great alternatives out there.”

Hair Straightening Options
  • Chemical Straightening
  • Temporary straightening
  • Non-Toxic Relaxing Method
Advantages of Hair Straightening
Make a style with curly hairs is a can be a scrupulous chore. Mostly people exploit to transform their hair by using straightened which is the the easiest way to transform curly to straight, wavy hair into silky and smooth hair. Rebounding, a hair relaxing & other straightening method performs like a windfall for those people who having a unvarying worry of dealing with frizzy hair.

Disadvantages of Hair Straightening
Due to the use of the heating equipments & the chemicals, it larger smash up can be inflicted onto the hair & the hair follicles. The mock hair treatment of the hair makes them so unbending in nature and its difficult to maintain. Habitually straightened your hair should be avoided.

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