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The News Tribe » Health benefits of ginger- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Ginger is a well known medicine and has been used for various medical treatments. The name ginger is derived from Tamil word inji ver. In traditionally words ginger is always a part of human lives since the 1500s due to its aroma, flavor and medicinal attributes. It has been utilized to give out a wide range of purposes. More than ever it is the best use of medicine for flu and cold and it is very effective. Ginger is also valuable for various other diseases. It is added as a ginger seasoning or flavoring agent in a number of recipes and food stuffs which makes food so spicy and bouncy.

  • Ginger is considered as the best medicine in flu and cold. You can make a tea with ginger in it. It works surprise to reduce the cold and cough. It has been also found beneficial in cure of food poisoning and stomach ache.
  • It has been proved from the recent remarkably successful researches that ginger has the best way to potential be a cancer remedy in future especially to cure ovarian cancer a common cancer among women. It’s the good medicine for colon cancer because it slows the growth of colorectal cancer cells preventing colon cancer.
  • Ginger is a first-rate medicine for diarrhea a leading cause of infant deaths in various countries.
  • Ginger can also be used for dipping toothache.
  • Ginger is much effective to therapy of nausea caused by seasickness or morning sickness frequent among pregnant women.
  • To build the digestive system of the body work healthier and also referred as stomach settler’s ginger beer is used in some parts of the world.
  • Ginger is also valuable for controlling pains and use as painkiller and provides comfort from various kinds of pains and tenderness.
  • Ginger is also used as migraine relief, due to its capability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Among diabetic persons, it has also the ability to diminish the chances of kidney damages or nephropathy.
  • Ginger has been used by pregnant women to ward off the morning sickness.
  • In the medical form of ginger, the most widely known as ‘Jamaica Ginger’, is used for treating dyspepsia and colic diseases and is especially recommended to people who suffer from gall stones.
It has a wide range of miraculous medical benefits ginger is a must have herb for every household. If you are in good health then ginger is use in some of the most general ways of having ginger include using it as a flavoring for a variety of cookery preparations, as an essential component of ginger cake, gingerbread and ginger biscuits, in ginger tea, and gingerbread cookies and as a spice which can be added to tea.

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