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The News Tribe » How to take care of your children in daily lifestyle - By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

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Broods are the enormous blessing of God. We all are worry about our children’s future as what they become tomorrow. Children need more than ordinary care and love from their parents. Here are some suggestions to check your child weather he loves you or not and how much he/she is close to you.

Does your child love you?

Here are seven secret code that give you an idea about that you are your child’s most loved one.
Your newborn stares into your eyes. He’s in reality working hard to your face because he knows you’re important.
  • Your baby thinks about you even when you are not around. In the first year he’ll start to look around when you leave the room.
  • Your toddler throws wicked grumpiness.
  • Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad.
  • Your preschooler gives you incredible small as a gift, like flowers.
  • Your preschooler wants your endorsement.
  • Your grade-schooler trusts you with his or her secrets.

Fathers Ahoy!

It is equally significant for the father to acquaintance with the baby and so that means he has to spend worth time with him/her. Here are some games that you can play with the kid. Get down on the floor with your baby and put a toy just out of his get to and sweet-talk him to push himself towards it. Here are some other games to play with him:
  • Roll a soft ball to him and let him pick it up.
  • Play peekaboo.
  • Play clapping games with him.
  • Smile and clap when he does what he is trying to do.
  • Hug and console him when he gets upset because he can’t do things.

Plan a time to be with your baby. This can be during a feeling time, when he gets a bath or at a bedtime. He will be in love with it.

Child corpulent!

Is your child corpulent? In our society some parents consider if their children are fat, they are healthy. No. Obesity is a medical clause that should be treated to avoid problems shortly in life. Children with a body mass index of greater than 85% are at risk for obesity and those with a body mass index greater than 95% are considered overweight. The dangers coupled with obesity are deeper than plain sight. High blood pressure in children has a very real and very terrifying relationship with obesity, the effects of which can show the way to solemn medical problems in children.

If your child has been diagnosed as overweight or obese, your pediatrician will help you develop an suitable exercise programme. Parents can help their child develop a healthy lifestyle dropping the risk of developing hypertension by teaching him/her to make healthy food choices and how to incorporate exercise into daily life. A healthy lifestyle in childhood will lay the underpinning for your child to develop into a healthy adult.

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