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The News Tribe » A chit chat with Malik Salman Ali Khan Awan- By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

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Fashion industry in Pakistan has flourished considerably in recent years. With the development of the industry, diverse trend and style has been introduced in fashion and designing. Insaf Group Fabrics is a prominent name in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Malik Salman Ali Khan is the Director of INSAF Group. He completed his study in Business Management from King’s College London. The News Tribe’s Sana Naseer Sheikh caught him up for a chat. Here are excerpts from the interview:

The News Tribe: When and how you ventured into the fashion industry?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANMy father started this fabric business in 1990 with a very small retail shop – INSAF FABRICS. Now it’s the second biggest fabric retail shop in Pakistan with retail and wholesale clients all over the world, since 2008. I joined my family business in 2008 – At that time it was just a fabric shop – Now it’s more like a boutique and it has been developed into as a brand.

The News Tribe: What changes would you like to take place in the fashion industry particular in Pakistan?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWAN: It is a general practice in the industry that the workers are not paid a fair wage –
Clients from Pakistan and other parts of the world bargain and haggle and they want the best deal – It puts pressure on the entrepreneur to cut margins and minimize expenses.
The only change that I want to see in boutique line is that Labour should be paid a fair wage – They must be given incentives.

The News Tribe: Every city has a convinced “feel” to it. What is “Multan” feel and do you keep this in mind when designing?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANI lived in London for two years, I am in Australia at the moment, and I travel around the globe. The people of Multan are quality conscious – the typical Multan feel is that they need the best quality at competitive price. I have done many exhibitions in Pakistan and outside Pakistan – In Multan it’s different, people follow other people and seek opinion from other people. They don’t consider their own choice but rather rely on others comments.

When I design a product – I design it with a free mind – I don’t just design it for Multan – As my brand “MSAKA: MALIK SALMAN ALI KHAN AWAN” is sold all over the world. So the only thing in emphasized the most is quality – let it be printing, stitching, laces or any other process in the production line – I make sure that I deliver the best quality and maintain that standard.

The News Tribe: What about the role of technology in designing?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANI use Adobe Photoshop – Corel Draw and some other designing tools including Wilcom. Technology helps a lot in innovation, quality enhancement and creativity.

The News Tribe: How people immediately identify your work as an “Insaf fabric/ Lakhani’ project?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANYes in Multan, if someone is wearing a nice dress, every one knows that it’s from INSAF.

My brand or signature series is MSAKA which stands for MALIK SALMAN ALI KHAN AWAN – Its been a year since I started this line – I have got very fruitful results – I have more than 10,000 fans on my face book page – Moreover, I am the trendsetter in Multan, all other boutiques try to copy our items – even on internet I see people using my designs. I am also official retailer of Lakhani.

The News Tribe: What have been the rewards of enthusiastic fabric designing?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANI have been rewarded well in both tangible and intangible ways   - My sales are going up – clientele is increasing – I am experiencing a rapid growth – I started with 3 workers and now I have employed more then 60 workers who work with me to deliver the products to our prestigious clients. I have been appreciated not only by friends and family but by strangers too – Fabric is my main stream business – Property development is my side business – I am content with what I have and thank Allah Almighty for showering all his blessing upon me.

The News Tribe: What do you have to say about the unprofessionalism creeping into the modeling industry?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANLust – Greed – Materialism is always there – It takes two to tango – This unprofessionalism is a cancer and spreading rapidly through out the industry -

The News Tribe: What are trends of exhibitions at start of summer and spring seasons?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANContemporary fashion: Pastel Colors – Panels, A line Shirts, Q lots, Trousers, Medium length shirts

The News Tribe: Enlighten our readers about the history of fabric exhibitions’ trends in Pakistan?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANIt all started with rich and famous people marketing their products to other rich and famous people via exhibitions where people bought different things to show off their financial muscle. It still happens – people indulge in snobbish activities. Exhibitions are nothing but a way of generating sales. It’s all about the mindset and a marketing strategy.

The News Tribe: Your forthcoming projects?
MALIK SALMAN ALI AWANI am currently designing for working women- I am also going into Pret for Male and children – With same slogan “Best quality at competitive price ”

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