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The News Tribes » Chit Chat with Fahad Khan Sherwani- By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

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Fahad Khan Sherwani is a rising star in Pakistani showbiz industry. He is working on different projects these days. He has achieved fame for himself with his innovative characters and sheer hard work. He hails from Mianwali, but has stayed in Lahore for last seven years … doing acting and modeling and also running his own modeling agency.

He plays a prominent role in “Khuda Aur Muhabbat” being telecast by Geo Network. He plays the role of an elder brother. The News Tribe’s Sana Naseer Sheikh caught him for a chat. These are excerpts from the interview:

The News Tribe: How did you join the profession?
Fahad Sherwani: I was a student of metric class, when a photographer, Abid, recommend me for modeling. I accepted the offer.

The News Tribe: For how long have you been in showbiz?
Fahad Sherwani: I have been in this field since 2001.

The News Tribe: Which living person do you admire the most?
Fahad Sherwani:  Mr. Bean

The News Tribe:  Why does this profession appeal to you?
Fahad Sherwani: The glamour and glitz always attract me.

The News Tribe:  What do you think about the industry?
Fahad Sherwani: Showbiz is a good industry for earning money, name and fame and no other field can give you both the things in a positive way.

The News Tribe:  Tell me something about your modeling agency. How does it work?
Fahad Sherwani: This is the only agency that is calling talent from all over Pakistan. We offer a complete range of services in fashion show production and promotion, including show design, media communications and marketing campaigns. We have experienced team and our services are cost effective.

The News Tribe:  Every person confronts problems and challenges at the start of his career. What problems did you face and how did you overcome them?
Fahad Sherwani: Yeah you are right. I faced many problems at the start of my career in this business, but I am happy now for having achieved my target. Now this profession has become effortless for the newcomers, as various and varied opportunities exits for youngsters.

The News Tribe: What is your passion?
Fahad Sherwani: Showbiz

The News Tribe: If you were not  in this profession, what would you be?
Fahad Sherwani: Then definitely, I would have been a writer.

The News Tribe:  Your forthcoming projects?
Fahad Sherwani: My four plays are on-air currently on different channels: Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa and KHUDA aur MOHABBAT on Geo TV, Timmy G on ARY and Dil Darya on Waseeb TV.

The News Tribe: Will you say something about your new serial, “Khuda Aur Muhabbat”?
Fahad Sherwani: KHUDA AUR MOHABBAT is a serial based on love with ALLAH and with a girl. I play the role of Sajjad, an elder brother of two young boys. Farah Shah plays the role of Sajjad’s wife. It’s a serious character.

The News Tribe: Many artists are going to India. What will you say about it?
Fahad Sherwani: I am also going to India for shooting a film commercial in March 2011. I don’t know why people are against this and why they create an issue.

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