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Its really well said that health is wealth. There are so many people in this world who are busy in their daily routine and do not pay attention to their health. Healthy body has healthy mind, and it happens when you take proper diet in your daily routine.

Blueberries full of antioxidants

According to the research it was found that blueberries have the marvelous food, one plum contained the same amount of antioxidants as a handful of blueberries, but people have to eat just few blueberries at a time rather than other cereals. Of course, they’ll always munch a whole plum, so plums offer a bigger dose per serving.

Avoid margarine if you want to keep healthy heart
Margarine is full of fats, which cause heart disease. But now a days, fats have practically vanished as there are so many eatables available in super markets which contain no fats at all. To stay away from them, make sure the wrapping ingredients are free from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats.

Low-fat foods are good for health
Everybody is conscious about his/her weight, it’s much easy to control yourself by taking some healthier diet in your daily routine. Prefer diet foods such as boiled vegetables and avoid taking too much sugar-coated desserts. Diet foods such as condensed calorie dishes can be full of sugar, carbohydrate substitutes and synthetic vitamins. They have little nutritional worth.

Use balsamic vinegar in your salad dressing

Balsamic vinegar is really good for health, it has zero-fat and fewer than three calories per 5ml serving. Eating salad with a little fat, such as an oil-based salad dressing or cheese, helps your body absorb valuable nutrients found in veg. So next time when you are lunching on veg, don’t be afraid to add something impish.

Take eight glass of water daily

Doctors suggest that a person who takes eight glass of water becomes healthier and there are lots of other benefits of drinking the natural resource. It keeps you fresh and gloomy. So make it your habit to take water bottle with you wherever you go out.

Coffee does not boost your energy
A cup of coffee contains around 5mg of caffeine, but it won’t leave you energetic According to research it was found that low levels of caffeine seem to damage us. In fact, anything under 10mg actually makes us be aware of more exhausted and less able to remember things than normal. So stop taking the coffee and enjoy a energizing herbal tea, such as ginger.

Eating little it keeps you fit

To maintain your weight, its necessary that you take healthier & proper diet which makes you strong. People who take six mini meals and those who take two hearty meals varies their weight. If you like to scratch, the trick to keeping the weight off is to make certain that each meal will fit according to your take of willing or is no larger than what would fit into your tummy. Sometimes extra diet cause you harm.

Use the brown bread instead of white

The authorised definition of brown bread is the bread containing 10 per cent bran. Some brown breads are just white bread with caramel colouring. Make sure when you buy brown bread its really made up of bran and always buy it from a well-known store. Plain brown bread has the same GI rating as white bread, so even the better varieties will still raise levels of fat-storing insulin in your structure.

Vegetables and fruits are good to keep in fridge
Recent research on some fruits and vegetables have made known that a watermelon kept at room temperature will double its levels of the antioxidant beta-carotene and gain 20 per cent more of another antioxidant – lycopene – over two weeks than one stored in the fridge. Tomatoes, peaches and bananas also be converted into more nutritious if you store them at room temperature.

All sweeteners are not good for health
The latest research found that their may be a low-level of bacteria in your body, thereby affecting how you process certain drugs and hamper with your metabolism but there is one sweetener with health settlement, its made from vegetable fiber.

Uncooked vegetables are good for health

The fact is raw food is good for health because raw food contains higher levels of natural enzymes than cooked ones. But in reality very few people know about their importance. We do know that antioxidants are good for all of us. It shows that some vegetables can’t release these but for they are cooked. Vegetables must be cooked, steaming or simmering on a low heat for five minutes to get maximum nutrients.

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  1. smaller meals are sure better than one or two big meals a day plus salads are great. Brown rice can be flat in taste, therefore I cook Basmati rice, low carb and healthier.