Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Hell Hurly Burly Dirty Polictics - By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

Ahhhh! Dirty politics, without wellbeing memo; what massage people in
advance; I believe If founders of Pakistan had seen all this they
might have thought twice before in the hunt for self-determination.
Look these are our Politian’s, charge and just blameworthiness each
other, both have lots of words for each other but No one have a single
strategy for this Nation. Well this is our adaptation of democracy.

Spoken hurly-burly between the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) descended to extraordinary lows
of malice on Wednesday when leaders of the two rival parties dragged
out the bare bones after framework from their family cupboards while
trading charges of dishonesty and poking entertaining at each other’s

In tit-for-tat attacks outer parliament, the second stage leaders of
the two parties mounted contemptuous attacks on the personal lives and
family associations of Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain. The spotlight
of the PML-N denunciation was the self-imposed expel of MQM chief
Altaf Hussain and his supposedly disturbed family life. Chaudhry Nisar
Ali Khan, the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly and a
prominent member of the PML-N, fired the first bombardment, aggressive
to disclose what the former spouse of Altaf Hussain had deposed in a
British court while seeking a divorce from him. He claimed that the
MQM leader owned property worth billions and was often found in a
dizzy state. Chaudhry Nisar openly ridicule Altaf for offering to
confront Sharif to a public debate on national issues. “We know he
(Altaf) is not alert most of time when he speaks…he is not somebody we
should take intensely,” he said when asked to comment on Hussain’s
challenge to Nawaz. “But for a debate with us Altaf will have to
return to the country and I’m sure he cannot,” said Chaudhry Nisar in
a contemptuous tone. He then made allusions to Altaf’s troubled
marital life and his mental condition. “During the debate we can bring
into being a certificate from a London rehabilitation centre where
Altaf was treated for a mental disorder,” Chaudhry Nisar added.

The MQM did not hold back any malice either. Its federal lawmakers
Haider Abbas Rizvi and Waseem Akhtar were even more vicious as they
thundered that they knew “whose daughter had run away with whom” and
charged that “dance parties” were held in Lahore “in every house” and
“prostitution was widespread”. The two MQM parliamentarians did not
spare the daughters of the Sharif family and resorted to crude and
‘uncivilised’ language to castigate their party’s rivals. “We know
whose daughters have been flirting with whom…and we are also aware of
what was well again from Nawaz Sharif’s bedroom after a military coup
in 1999,” one of them said. Currently, the MQM is in a three-way
tussle with major political parties. It has taken on the ANP in
Karachi, it is engaged in a political row with the PPP and is busy in
a fierce verbal battle with the PML-N. The MQM wants the ruling PPP to
restore the old local body system, opposes the re-establishment of
commisionariate system and does not want the introduction of RGST. It
has already introvert its members from the federal cabinet and has
threatened to sit on the opposition benches if its demands are not
met. In the meantime, Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain,
has directed members of the MQM Rabita Committee as well as all
office-bearers and members of the provincial and national assemblies
to abstain from giving any statements or reacting to the “personal
attacks” made by PML-N leaders.

It is shame for us that our nationwide leaders are quarreling with
each other as the traditional household ladies quarrel in muhallas. It
is a fact that the language, tone and abuses by MQM were worse and
more disgusting than those by PMLN. Abusing or blaming someone’s
daughter is entirely against our religious, ethical and cultural
values. MQM leaders did did this. There things are not to be discussed
on media. Ch Nisar should not have discussed the disturbed family life
of Iltaf Hussain.One’s who bitterly knows how to handle their family
or family relations, no one has right to intrupt in it. It is his
personal matter. Yes Mr. Nisar’s comments on Mr. Iltaf’s style of
speech and way of talking are not false.

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