Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fashion Becomes More Trendy In Pakistan – By:Sana Naseer Shaikh

As a Fashion Designer, I recommend at the age, a lady to get into the trouble free costume & is to be sophisticated. Motifs are rear in big business and make quite a testimonial. Flared cuts and flowing shirts have previously made their score on the spell. Now, blend the two you have the opportunity to accurately dart away with your mind's eye! The distinctive striped black is now redefined with bold cherry embroidery, wishy washy gold borders. The affluent yellow dupatta, bordered in black, further accentuates the boldness of the thread motifs. 

Red faces even more fascinating treatment in intense, sophisticated lace with exceedingly stylized pink and silver work all around the neck. For you is this short pastel dress in baby pink and pastel, self-decorative olive with subtle sunflowers down its blue panels. It flows to just above the knee, ending in what cannot but be compared to a blossoming bounce flower.

For the bold is an enthusiastic shirt with a flowered front panel, and the rest of the panels in all the luscious colors of elegant silver-specked chiffon. Even if you’re a curb fan in white, this collection has something to jazz you up! Downy purple and orange embroidery asserts its distinct Eastern power at the put a hem on and cuffs, while the neck and kaj hold their own in a to some extent modified version of the same work. What truly works the enchantment here however, is the printed, Aztec stimulated, black and yellow retinue of hem, cuff and trouser borders that are so marvelously at variance with the rest of the look.

Brown reasserts itself with damask like skin, and lacey peach in a sleeveless tunic pleated just below the bodice. The neck itself is adorned in sequined applique to add more glamour to the already dazzling confection. Attractive modishness from the regency, and the two chief elements from the current season it is a great addition to any wardrobe.
And if you’re looking for something a bit more formal, this sleeveless dark grey, embroidered with unvarying motifs in shifting shades from burgundy to peach really exerts itself to make somebody's day. The pastel indigo beadwork, glimmer at the broad hem and deep past the neck, is purely a toping on the coffee.

Long open shirts with a beaded cuffs looks so elegant.In this winter season with coozy looks make yourself more suphisticated & keeps the charm of your beauty. As a fashion expert I must clearify here, Style is not incredible that exist in dresses only. Trend is in the sky, in the avenue, fashion has to do with dreams  thoughts, the approach we exists, what is experience.

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