Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recommendation for the OER MOOC

Recommendation for the #OERMOOC

. Learning tool I like most and I'm using after enrolling in this course.

Blogs and microblogs: Blogging is the best wy to express the students work and I'm still working on it. Its a super educational tool, in both classroom and online settings. Blogs provide opportunities for people to express their own ideas and we can get a feedback on our posts.

Learner blogs can be hosted on Blogger, or WordPress,

Microblogging sites, like Twitter,  Linkedin,
It can be helpful for discussion or get a feedback on your tweet or post. Blogging is a powerful learning tool for students.

Virtual meetings. MOOCs are designed for asynchronous learning, virtual meetings allow for synchronous collaboration. For example, virtual meetings on Skype or Google+Hangouts < > to discuss the contentor product.

2. Educational games

Ambient Insight’s new research exposed that mobile technology is the key driver energizing the global edugame market. The foremost countries for mobile edugames in 2012 were the US, Japan, South Korea, China, and India, respectively. By 2017, the top foremost purchasing countries will be China, the US, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

“One major catalyst accelerating the market is the growing number of direct billing agreements between the telecoms and the app stores,” adds Adkins.

“Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Google have direct billing agreements with carriers allowing customers to buy apps and get charged on their phone bill. This has caused a spike in Mobile Learning revenues in countries where credit card usage is uncommon.”

1. Educational puzzles numbers: Puzzles & memory games are considering best for brainstorming. You can boost your child by these activities so I opt for such educational games that is helpful for a good puzzle game for kids education. Educational puzzles-Numbers is a new free app including fun logic puzzles for preschool kids that will entertain your children and introduce them to the world of numbers.

2. JumpStart Preschool 2 Free: This app gives you 3 learning games for students. The games are designed to teach more than 6 math, pre reading & critical thinking skills for school.

3. Open education resources web links

1. Online Education Leader Since 2006 OEDb is a comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options. It is the most comprehensive collection of online college rankings and free courses. They launched the online courses since 2007, OEDb continues its journey release its online college rankings and collection of over 10,000 free open courses and interactive resources from top universities around the world.

2. National Science Digital Library:

 It enhance the diversity of kniwledge for learners. Serving Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Education. NSDL Science Literacy Maps help teachers connect concepts, standards, and NSDL educational resources. It is providing a way to discover the new science concepts and their interrelation.

4. Podcasts

1. Creative COW Podcasts
, students can use the after effects in their work to make more captivating. The Creative COW After Effects Tutorials. Podcast is filled with tips, tricks, tutorials and workflow enhancements that will enhance your knowledge & your work presentation is  morecaptivating in Adobe After Effects.

2. Apple iTunes Podcasts, The iTunes Store launches so many free podcasts at first glance. To get a specific podcasts select iTunes Store of the iTunes navigation bar, then select Podcasts from the same navigation bar. Here you can also find a podcasts charts, Playing Podcasts, Managing Podcast, Subscriptions Sharing Podcasts.

5. Animations

. video
The animated video is based on a story. The video based lesson is much effective rather than simple lesson plan. The students will learn alot from the visual aid so if Ilan a lesson based on animated video then I would like to prefer some story that have some moral aswell.


 This Videos and Animations link provide students a wide context of learning to design their content. It has Beautiful 3D Animation Video Samples and Creations of Animation Software + 3DMagix Video Tutorial Training.

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