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Shut up call for “AAMIR LIAQUAT HUSSAIN” – “Amaan Ramazan”

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Pakistani media is its hype and this issue creates so many explosions. During Ramadan Pakistani television shows are busy in their own vulgar activities to raise their show ratings. A Pakistani prime-time television show called “Amaan Ramazan” on the Geo channel is giving away abandoned babies to childless couple contestants. “

The babies were first found by Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa, who runs the Chhipa Welfare Association, a children’s charity, and then given to the TV station.

“We have lots of babies that are just abandoned, left in the garbage or other dirty places,” he said.

The game show host Aamir Liaquat Hussain has already handed out two infants to couples so far during this Ramadan.

During the show he told the studio audience in a recent episode, “This is the beautiful girl who was thrown on pile of garbage by somebody and see how beautiful and innocent she is.”

The baby was given to a man named Riaz-ud-din and his wife, who were childless.

“These 14 years were full of hardships, people asked [me] to go for [a] second marriage but I remained patient and also asked my wife to be patient,” he said.

His wife described the baby as “gift of Ramadan.

This crime has been happen due to diversity of reason and lots of babies are abandoned every month in Pakistan. The fact is child was born out of marriage vows, the mother already has too many other children to feed, or the baby is a girl who is unwanted because she is viewed as a financial burden.

However, under Pakistani laws, someone convicted of abandoning a baby can be sent to prison for seven years.

Due to such sort of controversies they grasp the audience attention that is the cheapest way of publicity. Before that one TV presenter was fired after she and her cameras wandered through the parks of Karachi looking for young couples engaged in dating.

Hussain of “Amaan Ramazan” is particularly controversial, although extremely popular. He has been accused of using the show to promote Islamic extremism while still maintaining an entertaining diet of music, dance, games and even cooking demonstrations.

Bina Shah, Karachi based writer, predestined the program.

She said, “It just speaks to the commercialization of everything in Pakistani society, including religion and giving away the baby stunt on television was the worst violation of media ethics I can think of.”

Moreover, recently Amir Liaqat Hussain invites a singer Taher Shah on his show as a guest. During the show Aamir Liaquat behaved inappropriately with Taher Shah.

When Shah sing a few lines from his song “Eye to Eye”, Liaquat interrupts him, brings in a live snake and forces the singer to wrap it around his neck because of this Shah feels uncomfortable and the harassed look on Shah’s face. His trembling voice can easily judge by the audience. Not even this Liaqat force him to sing continually.

Liaquat says, “gayen” (sing) repeating it at least 10 times in 13 seconds. mien saath hoon,gayen” and by wrapping his arms around his waist he constantly make fun on him.

The drama giant Amir Liaqat should be sorry for his own act that he done during the show. This whole controversial issue is become a media hunt for Pakistan. The whole scenario spoil the image of Pakistan and the Islamic teachings aswell. This is not a fun, game is over!

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