Friday, December 9, 2011

Why people opt for smoke, it’s injurious for health – By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Everybody knows that smoking is injurious for health. But people make a use of it in their daily routine. It has been a caused of coughing and bringing up self-possession. In earlier it was introduce by the native nations of the Americas where people use to smoke tobacco. After it was introduce in Spain and spread at large scale. The tendency of smoking style caught on in the whole Europe and America. It was also a most common trend in Thailand.

Tobacco can be smoked and chewed. By smoking, tobacco is burned and the smoker inhales the smoke into the lungs, such as in smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

The smoke contains:

Nicotine: An addictive substance that causes the blood vessels to contract, the heart to race and the blood pressure to rise. The latter two effects make you feel fresh and alert after smoking.

Tar: A brown colored mixture that sticks to the bronchial tubes, causing bronchitis, coughing, emphysema, bronchial carcinoma and lung cancer.

Ammonia: An irritation that causes a scorching feeling in the neck, nose and eyes, as well as inducing coughing and phlegm.

It also causes headaches, fatigue and weakness. It is big cause of cancer-causing and harms second hand smokers, because of these risks for bronchial carcinoma and lung cancer increased. Smoking often causes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

The most common diseases that come with smoking include:

Cancer such as bronchial carcinoma and lung cancer. Cancer of the larynx, lips, bladder and kidney is also common.

About 80% of emphysema patients are smokers. This disease can cause other complications such as pneumonia, flu and tuberculosis.

Smoking causes the arteries to contract and the platelets form blood clots more easily.
Narrowed arteries in other places are also possible, such as at the brain, causing paralysis, partial paralysis or deep venous thrombosis. Patients can even lose their leg or foot due to this condition.

It is considering addictive because of nicotine, routine and passionate requirements. It is not impossible to quit from this habit. Sometime smoking habit is a cause of heart attack, after heavy exercise, too much sweating, without replenishing it by drinking water which caused the coronary artery to narrow and platelets formed blood clots completely. No blood could flow through to the heart muscles.

Smoking habit spoils you gradually but you don’t know about it. For a healthy life style quit smoking from your daily routine. Try to opt for another solution rather then smoking. When you feel need of smoking you can take another soft drink or take light food stuff. It will helps you to quit the smoking habit. 

The recent emergence of designer cigarette pack-holders and other accessories to cover up health warnings showed the warnings were having an impact, Rob Cunningham of the Canadian Cancer Society said.

"That is a good indication, because smokers are noticing enough that they feel that they must not look at them," Cunningham said.
WHO give a big hand prohibitions on tobacco advertising and sponsorship, prohibitions of smoking in public buildings, and high taxes on tobacco products.

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