Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sonam Kapoor discussing about her Weight Loss - By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh


Bollywood’s most well-known celebrity, Sonam Kapoor who was fat at 90 kgs has reduced her weight and become a fashion icon of Bollywood. It has not been seems easy but she did a perfect job.

Sonam Kapoor says, “I never planned a career in films. I neglected my diet and I put on so much of weight”. According to her diet plan and weight loss program she prepared for this for the year long.

She said, “It was my mother (Sunitha Kapoor) who helped me initially to get rid of my excess weight. She was against over-eating and kept me off from stuff that I loved to eat – like ice creams, sweets, fried items, chocolates etc. I set my weight loss goal to 35 kilos. I did a bit of weight training (with the help of trainers), power yoga, general fitness and a bit of Kathak (classical dance) helped me too. My general trainer also put me on a low-carb, high protein six-small-meals-a-day diet.”


Some weight loss tips from Sonam Kapoor
  • Try to eat every two hours a day. Small meals instead of three large ones. Avoid oily food and sweets as much as you possibly can.
  • Try and set a routine for yourself and follow it! No excuses whatsoever. Remember there is no shortcut to weight loss.
  • Exercise. Cardiovascular exercises work best with weight training. To bust the myth, lifting weights does not mean you will get bulked up like men!
  • When you have time for yourself, you could put some music and dance.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine, drink green tea instead of coffee.
  • Then the usual stuff – have lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • Include egg whites and lean meat (chicken, fish etc) into your diet.
  • Ever-changing work schedules make it difficult to maintain / reduce your weight. But following a strict diet always helps.
Sonam Kapoor’s Fitness Regime
  • 30 minutes of cardio every day
  • For weight training I focus on different body parts each day like Abs on Monday, followed by shoulders on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday and so on.
  • Dance classes twice a week, power yoga sometimes and I play a bit of squash too.
  • In summer I go swimming.
Sonam Kapoor’s Weight loss Diet
  • For Breakfast – Egg Omlette, toast, fruits and water. Green tea without sugar throughout the day. You could include multi-vitamins (consult your doctor)
  • For Lunch – Vegetables, chicken, roti, curd and fruits. For Roti’s it’s protein-rich wheat.
  • For Dinner – It’s better to have dinner as early as possible, at least 3 hours before your sleep. Usually, it’s a bit of grilled fish, chicken sandwich, salad and a glass of protein shake.

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