Sunday, December 11, 2011

My rivalry with Salman was overplayed: John Abraham- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

Salaman & Jhon having fun together

Actor John Abraham’s has committed in a new bond of friendship with Salman Khan. In a glittery town the dispute between them has been diminished after a decade. However the story behind their dispute was not known, the actors were not on talking terms till they decided to bury their hatchet last month when John appeared on Sallu’s show, Bigg Boss 5.

Abraham’s professional life has become much successful after giving a two back-to-back hits — Force and Desi Boyz. The 38-year-old actor will soon be doing a Hollywood film and has already made it to number 10 in E! Moreover, Television’s Top 25 Sexiest Men in the World, that includes the likes of soccer player David Beckham, actor Johnny Depp and singer Enrique Iglesias.

Here are the most secret confessions:

On getting married next year
I am not being diplomatic about it. I truly love the idea of marriage but would like to keep the date to myself. Over the period of time I have become fiercely protective about my personal space and when I say no comments I genuinely mean it. I would like to guard my personal space.

On being ‘world’s 10th erotic men alive’
It feels great to feature in the list along with Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio. I’m honored an American TV network has given me this title. It feels great that they know me.... It feels even better that a man from India has managed to feature in that list which was long due.

On what it means to be called erotic
Being attractive and sexy is about a complete package. It’s not about your face or body but it’s about the whole personality. Just looking at John Abraham and not knowing who he is would be incomplete. I also feel that my presentable physique has paid off. I only wish to get better with age.

Two back-to-back hits
I am happy that people have recognized my efforts in both the films — Force and Desi Boyz. Getting two hits in a row in two different genres feels good as one was out and out action while other was a comedy. Personally, I believe success and failures are temporary, so it should not get to your head.

Bond of friendship with Salman
I feel my rivalry with Salman Khan was overplayed a lot. As none of us has ever said anything wrong about each other in the media, it’s the ‘sources’ that did all the damage. But, I am happy as all’s well that ends well. I respect him a lot and he is extremely courteous. We got along really well.

 On Big Boss Season 5,  The new controversy starts on the marriage regarding to both buddies. They were asking each other when they are going to get married.

According to the sources, “Everyone was really pulling John Abraham`s leg about his marriage reports in the news. John said he would like to get married and wished that it happened soon but he also told Salman to get married.”

John asked Salman to get married on the same day when John gets married.

Salman replied ''You at least have a girl to get married to. Whom will I get married to? There`s no one yaar!”

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