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Exclusive Interview with singer Sageel Christopher | The News Tribe- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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Sageel Christopher is a rising star. Music is his passion and he dedicated his life to this art.

The News Tribe’s Sanna Nasser Sheikh talked to him recently about his music and interests,Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

The News Tribe: Why did you choose ‘V’ as your band’s name and what does it reflect?
Sageel Christopher: Me and my friend was searching a name for the band then we decided to select my name initial “V” as name of the band.Here I tell you that my nick name is Vicki so V reflects my nick name.

The News Tribe: When did you enter into the music industry?
Sageel Christopher: I set my foot in the industry back in 2009.

The News Tribe: How did you come in this field/ profession?
Sageel Christopher: My passion and love for music forced me to join this industry. I have a deep interest in it; I can felt its depth, its nature and beauty.

The News Tribe: What is your utmost achievement in music?
Sageel Christopher: I regard my album as the utmost achievement

The News Tribe: Did you get any formal training in singing?
Sageel Christopher: Yes I got training in singing from Pervaiz Paras sahib. He taught me as a very good professional. I have learned a lot from him and today whatever I’m is just because of him.

The News Tribe: Every person has to face problems in his profession initially? How did you overcome your problems?
Sageel Christopher: Actually this field is very challenging for the new comers to make their name in the industry. The senior artists in this field don’t appreciate the new entrants and this my personal experience. This thing has really hurt. Obviously everyone has problems in his life; I always ignore my problems but learn good things from it.

The News Tribe: Tell us about  your album?
Sageel Christopher: I launched my album back in 2007. Since then I have been performing in concerts.

The News Tribe: What professsion you would have chosen If you were not a singer?
Sageel Christopher: If I don’t want to do my current job then probably I would like to run my own business.

The News Tribe: Your upcoming album?
Sageel Christopher: Right now I’m focusing on my various projects. I’m also composing and writing songs for my upcoming album ‘Nindiya’.  My new video “wohi raastay” was on air from all Pakistani music channels. In coming days, I have planned to go India for releasing my new album.  My song is also selected for an Indian movie which is coming soon.

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