Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Barack Obama's successful political campaign- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

If President Barack Obama's is looking for a new supporters for his re election campaign it only needs to use 140 characters to run his campaign. All those supporters who are on Twitters shower their love on Mr. Obama.

Well-known users of Twitter, the social-media network in which users are bound to submit short messages, Mr. Obama's approval rating views at 69% that would be considered much higher than for the nation at large scale.

According to the survey reports, only 9% of adults said they used the service in the past two to three weeks, compared with 55% who said they used Facebook.

Where Twitter supports left, Facebook produces a great impact, due to its massive number of users. Facebook users, the president's job-approval rating is 47%, statistically no different from the 46% for voters overall.

In the survey, 13% of liberal Democrats said they use Twitter, compared with 8% of conservatives and 6% of tea party supporters.

Linked-In, a social-media tool aimed at professionals may also be a pool for Obama re-election organizers.

Linked-In users, 52% approve of the president's performance, compared with 45% who disapprove.

The poll also showed how widespread social media has developed and how it works genuinely. Sixty-one percent of women say they use Facebook, as do 79% of adults under age 35.

Fifty-seven percent of Hispanics use Facebook, while African Americans are well represented on Twitter. Some 14% of black adults say they tweet, double the percentage of whites.

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