Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PayPal allows Facebook users to exchange gifts and cash | The News Tribe- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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New York: Money transactions company PayPal has been allowed to sending money at leading dominant social network Facebook.
A “Send Money” application has been designed for Facebook by PayPal members for the online community to exchange money on various occasions such as birthdays or send it in an unadorned online transfer.

PayPal marketing manager JB Coutinho said,”We are bringing the largest online payments company to the world’s largest social network to make it even easier to send money to your friends and family directly from Facebook. Our new Send Money application on Facebook allows users to turn those wall posts into actual gifts.”

“Imagine the smile when someone gets money for a cold beer and a message saying ‘This one is on me.” he added.

Facebook members can send money and gifts through PayPal and there are no fee charges. They can be proclaimed with digital greeting cards, videos, or pictures as long as transactions are done through accounts with banks or the eBay-owned online financial service.

PayPal is going to where friends and family connect now.”

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