Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ISPR documentary won first prize at International Film Festival- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

A documentary by the Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), titled as “Glorious Resolve” won the first prize in the International Film Festival “Eserciti-e-Popoli” (Army and People) held at Bracciano.

In this mega festival 24 countries contributed to represent their work on various films categories. More than 60 films are produced and representing by NATO and other countries. The festival based on various categories including ‘Institutional training information, from environmental protection to the humanitarian mission for peace. The films were produced by most prominent film makers which are awarded by the international highly qualified and experienced jury.

According to an ISPR press release, Pakistan Army’s documentary "Glorious Resolve" won the Jury's Special award from the President of the Italian Senate. He applauded with the remarkable comments.
The President said, "A technically outstanding and emotionally powerful dramatization of the story of the courageous soldiers under fire in a dire combat situation".

 The award given by Gen. Giancarlo Fortuna, the President of the International Jury was received by a representative of the Pakistani Embassy in Roma.

 Glorious Resolve was the big combine mega project of ISPR and Mindworks.The Executive producer of the film was  Media.Brigadier Syed Azmat Ali.In the core tea,  Brig Syed Mujtaba Tirmizi was the Executive Director of the film. Lieutenant Colonel Irfan Aziz was the project director and the writer of this film which was directed by Sarosh Kayani. Dr Hassan Waqas Rana of Mindworks Media was the producer  and Bilal Lashari was the Director of Photography.

The purpose of the documentary “Glorious Resolve” is to highlight the true story of infantry soldiers who took battle against the 1500 scoundrels attacked on the Infantry Battalion in South Waziristan Agency on the night of 29 May 2009.

It also highlights the issue of peace and highly focused on the sacrifices and achievements of Pakistan Army. Actually the fact of Glorious Resolve is to eradicate war concept from the world and try to maintain peace.

Glorious Resolve highlights the sacrifice of 43 soldiers of the Punjab Regiment who laid their lives during the attack and two ghazi, Sepoy Mashooq and Sepoy Muslim who maintained their positions till the end.

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