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The News Tribe » Sensation Chit Chat with Ameer Abbass- By: Sanna Nasser Sheikh

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The necessity of social network is increasing day by day. It’s more wide and spreading all over the world. Its eye catching for everyone including professionals, students and common people. To highlight its mania we recently talked to Mr. Ameer Abbass, who is a foremost TV Anchor of Express News Channel.
The bond of new era, having a charming personality and admirable idea of perception. We catch him to know how he manages himself in the online social networks. Here are excerpts from the interview.

The News Tribe: Early days are much important in one’s life tell us something little about yourself?
Ameer Abbass: I have diversified memories of my childhood days. I had seen so many tragic incidents, bruised hearts, trampled feelings, and materialistic disputes along with caring people, loving moments and mystical relations. Many of other people would have also gone through the same childhood but my childhood has imparted unforgettable impression on my personality, thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The News Tribe: What were the circumstances which led you to be anchor ventured in to the television field?
Ameer Abbass: First of all, I would like to answer the second part of the question, as I have told that my childhood and later on life had started changing my observations and thinking pattern; which had brought so many changes in my personality, that started making me a different young boy of my age fellows. I used to ponder upon different day to day issues while riding my bicycle, eating, meeting with the people and before sleeping but I was very shy and hesitant to talk with the people about what I used to think or feel. I started books reading and I was just 17 years old when I had finished all the books of Asia’s best fictionist Sadadat Hassan Manto, poetry of Iqbal, Bahadur Shah Zafar, and Mirza Ghalib. In the age of 20 years, I finished Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Habib Jalib, Sahir Ludhianwi, Qateel Shifai and plenty of other books on philosophy, history, religion, literature, comparative studies and much more. Meanwhile I delivered my maiden speech in the college in the age of 17 and after the speech I was totally a different Ameer Abbas, who later on became a national level orator. An orator, a books lover, a public speaker had finally become a revolutionary citizen.

The News Tribe: Tell us how and when you start your career as an anchor?
Ameer Abbass: My first job was in country’s top rated multinational bank, Bank Alfalah. I served in the banking sector for almost four years and soon I realized that the person with above mentioned profile is working in a bank is like a square peg into the round hole. Where I was unable to share with the outer world what lies inside me and my all the abilities got rusted and I have already restored few of them as now. So, I joined electronic media in 2009 as an anchor.

The News Tribe: How social network is helpful to bring a revolution in a country?
Ameer Abbass: The social network itself defines the connectivity of the people socially. As far as the revolution is concerned, I have my own opinion but I agree that if social bonding and network is used objectively the revolution may be brought.

The News Tribe: What do you think about the current political situation of Pakistan?
Ameer Abbass: If we talk about the seismic activity, yes the situation is very critical and miserable for the country as well as for the nation. As far as the tenure of the on-going government is concerned, I personally feel that the government will complete is five years and this tradition must be brought into practice. If it is achieved than it will be second time since 1947 an elected government will complete its constitutional tenure. If the net result of these five years result into very dire and pathetic statistics even than the completion of tenure will be a great democratic success.

The News Tribe: So many Politian’s have their own social network such as face book; twitter etc. but they do nothing yet for social welfare. What you say about it?
Ameer Abbass: Our politicians have modified and brought so many changes in themselves, which are appreciable. Before the start of 21st century; our politicians had very scarce resources to develop people to people contact or they were intentionally neglecting. It’s good if the politicians are available on social networking websites but they are least interested in social welfare that shows their archetypal ruling attitude. They are yet not convinced that the world has changed and they have to change their ruling pattern as well.

The News Tribe: To what extent political and current media is playing a credible role to explore social network?
Ameer Abbass: The dawn of 21st century in the Pakistan had come up with the electronic media license issuing facilitation. The day the first private news channel launched its transmission, the Pakistan and the nation were entered into a progressive and developing phase. Besides, all pros and cons if we talk about the net result, yes the media has paid credible role.

The News Tribe: Tell me something about you fan page or face book, in which perspective you work on it?
Ameer Abbass: Honestly, I am not good in using face book or other social networking web-sites; but whenever I use it, my objectivity remains under my consideration.

The News Tribe: How much time you spent on face book or other social network?
Ameer Abbass: As I answered earlier, I am not good in using these websites, so I do not spend enough time on all of such websites.

The News Tribe: What sort of response you are receiving from public?
Ameer Abbass: If your question is about the response on social networking websites, I have to say it but its little unfortunate. Neither our elders nor our youngsters are playing active, productive, constructive and advantageous role on these social networking websites. We have in fact taken it for granted. If we talk about the recent Arab revolution of Egypt, Tunis, Yemen and Libya have been declared the first revolution by the Internet in Human History. Regrettably, as we have never learned from the past, we have not learned from these revolutions as well. Compendium is this that we aren’t using internet the way we should have.

The News Tribe: Do you face any negative impact on your views or opinion?
Ameer Abbass: Of course, I am now quite habitual of it.
The News Tribe: How do you over come it?
Ameer Abbass: It’s very difficult for me because I am a hot tempered person.
The News Tribe: What so you consider the most over rated virtue?
Ameer Abbass: The most over rated or the virtue God loves the most is to love and respect His human beings.

The News Tribe: What is the scope of your field in next five years?
Ameer Abbass: I also contemplate on it at times; I think once the media has got freedom, now it is very difficult to curb or ban it.
The News Tribe: Any words of perception for new comers in the field?
Ameer Abbass: *Journalism had been the profession of the prophets and the messengers of God please keep it in the consideration as a journalist*

It was pleasant and interesting as well to give the answers though I like the rapid fire round. Hope the answers of the questions.

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