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The News Tribe » Effective treatment for indigestion and heartburns- By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

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All and sundry faced a problem at mid night because of some hasty and very painful burning feeling in the ditch of his or her stomach or chest. This condition is called heartburn or indigestion. And there are four wide-ranging remedies for this, which are very effectual. By applying these remedies you dig up your heartburn or indigestion and it will soon be alleviated.
Intake a glass of Milk is a cause of indulgence heartburns and indigestion nearly everyone. Some people treats from munch of candy mints but this is not a right way to control indigestion, it might make you feel better but only temporary. Milk contains fats and proteins which produces acid and is the major cause of stomach acidity both heartburns and indigestion. A great deal fabrication of acidity in stomach makes the clause poorer.
Mix one tablespoon of baking powder with half a glass of water. Drink a tall glass of water first and then the mixture. It make you feel recovered after an experience of heartburn or indigestion. But this remedy is not for those people who have a history of high blood pressure specially women who are pregnant. The baking soda and water formula may cause either water retention or increase your blood pressure.
You can chase to put off from heartburn and indigestion make a habit to take banana on a daily basis. Banana is a known antacid its successfully help to relieve from heartburns and indigestion. If you feel heartburns and indigestion at the same time you should take papaya or pineapple and you also drink their juices. These two fruits easily resolve the acid in your stomach and it is much better than taking medicines. A much better tip is a teaspoonful of mustard, if these fruits are not available according to season, mustard is battle against the acidity and its consider a better source to relieve from it.
Keep away from the routine of eating before going to bed; you do not take food two years before sleeping. Midnight snacks would only necessitate your stomach to work in the end; this is the only way that put off you from enjoying a deep and restful sleep during the night.
The remedy against heartburn and indigestion is to avoid the foods that cause them. You should stay away from are soda pops and other beverages with caffeine. Chocolates, garlic, alcohol, and citrus fruits should also be avoided. Tomatoes and tomato-based products can also a source of heartburns and indigestion.
It’s a wonder that how vinegar is help to relieve the heartburns and indigestion because itself an acid. In fact, it might help to relieve heartburn fast, because heartburns occur due to an extremely minimal acid content in the stomach so when it taken its rises the acid content in a body and you feel better. Its consider that drowning a teaspoonful of vinegar would relieve heartburn fast. It is easy to get rid of the pain and suffering associated with both heartburn and indigestion.

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