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The News Tribe » Movie Evaluation of “TANU WEDS MANU” - By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

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The NRI in TANU WEDS MANU is submissive, down-to-earth and soft-spoken, has no tone of voice or mind-set, believes in prearranged marriages, relishes the evergreen songs of Mohammed Rafi, and is old-twisted factually.  TANU WEDS MANU has a quantity of enormous moments, some ordinary, and some mind-numbing as well; when you are aware of that the narrative is being prolonged for no scrupulous motive. The drama tends to get profound after a peak and that takes a toll on the film.

Manu (R. Madhavan), a straightforward living wage Doctor from London. Intellectual, self-controlled and from a highly regarded family unit, the ideal groom which every parent wishes for their daughter. When he arrives in India, he realizes that India has misrepresented. Tanu is a well-groomed, bright girl who will do the whole thing that her parents will condemn. With a brainpower of her be in possession of and feel affection for rebellion, Tanu is uninteresting next to a prearranged marriage. But fortune holds something thoroughly dissimilar for these absolutely miscellaneous personalities.

Above and beyond, in HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM, PARDES, JAB WE MET as well as TANU WEDS MANU, the girl is in be in love with someone else and the leading role helps them take the association onward. However director Aanand L Rai ensures that TANU WEDS MANU retains its individualism and does not move toward transversely as a mock-up / make a replica of those immeasurably agreeable movies. If truth be told, his management of more than a few beam moments as well as spectacular ones is commendable.

TANU WEDS MANU has some astonishing moments in the film. In the whole movie the humor is really great and the characters act upon bravo. The music of this movie is fabulous including new and old versions. It takes you by whole revelation.It is simple and charismatic. ‘Sadi Gali’ and ‘Jugni’ are two tracks that do something as pillars and would help create a center of attention moviegoers to cineplexes. Moreover, the well-liked track of yesteryears, ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’, is sound incorporated in the plot. Contrasting her times of yore films, Kangna acting an element that has a passion for life and is courageous and fun-loving at the identical occasion. She’s audacious, but lovable. On the other hand, she desires to hard work on her intonation /pronunciation, which sounds so uncharacteristic.

Jimmy Sheirgill springs a pleasurable bolt from the blue. Recognized for portraying malleable encouraging roles, this one comes as an inclusive revelation. Despite the fact that his character is not sound impressed elsewhere, he foliage an unyielding consciousness in the concluding reels. On the intact, TANU WEDS MANU is a be aware of superior, light-hearted comic with the accurate bout of absurdity, production and legend, above and beyond a fashionable musical keep count and various well turned-out channel of communication that work as toppings.

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