Monday, December 20, 2010

Junk Foods & Deficiency Of Proper Diet in Pakistan -By: Sana Naseer Shaikh

I had read about it and I had heard about it that most of our restaurants, malls offers buy one & get one free food choices. Children and adults are lured by the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers on chocolates, cookies, chips & pizzas inside malls, restaurants and at grocery stores.

What is further, all shopping malls & restaurants have huge food courts which endorse the fast-food culture and can up-size people in no time. The blazing heat discourages outdoor activity, and taking your car far and wide means that the only remarkable walking you do is inside the malls or restaurants... In Pakistan the latest trend follows that most of the people gives their order & get home delivery free of cost. This makes the easier to eats junk food & raises your weight.
Stoutness in children and adults is appropriate common in Pakistan as one often comes across children as young as four or five who have gained large amounts of weight due to inadequate physical bustle. About 19.5 per cent (or 1 in 5 persons) of the population is diabetic. The health experts will be focused on spreading awareness & education for hinderance of  diabetes, the disease has already become a worldwide epidemic and has brought the country to the verge of becoming the diabetic capital of the world.

Experts believe that the lifestyle this apparently fascinating city offers is largely to blame. Exhausting, highly hectic long work hours mean that people snatch unhealthy meals such as a burgers, fries and soft-drinks on the go. It is readily available, and much more satisfying than, say a grilled chicken salad. Now-a-days, I am in Lahore, according to my experience of taking junk foods & lavish range of new cosines makes a person unfit due to deficiency of proper diet.
Another way to keep fit is by playing a sport on a regular basis. A bit of Goggling, a few phone-calls and some research reveals that memberships and lessons to gain knowledge of aerobics instructions in the city can cost a handful!  The Services Club at Lahore is the best place for relaxation. While Pakistan boasts of some of the deluxe sports clubs in the world, offering world-famous coaches and spectacular venues, it is paradoxical that only a certain portion of the population can afford to be linked with these elite establishments. There are free public parks which have good quality services.
It ought to be prominent however, that the Pakistan is simply a form of speech, for one can achieve overload weight in any part of the world if one follows an unwholesome standard of living. In fact, in Pakistan diabetes is on the rise, in the born with a silver spoon in your mouth as well as poor communities.

According to WHO estimates, Pakistan ranked eighth among countries with the highest number of diabetics in 1995. By 2025, however, it will category fourth, except serious involvement is undertaken. Diabetes Association of Pakistan (DAP) recently exposed that about seven million people in the country are suffer from Type 2 diabetes. The need of the hour is to conflict these epidemics by making persuaded we go for for healthier food choices and inculcate the right eating lifestyle in our children, and set marvelous examples for them to pursue.
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